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Frequently asked Questions

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. We can ship anywhere in the world.
Are #ShopLocalThailand masks PPE?
Our masks are not PPE. However, they are a great way to prevent the transmission of respiratory diseases.
Do you take bulk orders?
Yes. Please inquire on our contact page or send an email to
Are the masks washable?
Yes, the masks are 100% cotton. It is best to wash them by hand and hang them to dry.
Do you accept returns?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on this product. However, if something terrible happens and you don't receive it or it shows up in bad shape, send us an email and we'll replace it for free.
Can you wear it as a layer?
Yes, our masks are adjustable around the ears and neck, so they can be easily adjusted to work as an outer layer if you are wearing multiple masks for extra protection.
Can I donate to Neato?
We are not accepting donations. Instead, consider purchasing a mask here.
Do you plan to support other charitable organizations in the future?
Yes. Although we are just getting started with the elephant masks, we have plans to keep the philanthropy going for as long as we possibly can.